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    At first of the program I use here #include<iostream> for including a standard library file which name is
    “iostream “. This is use to declare standard input and output library .
    If we want to use face book or Gmail by laptop , it is need to connect laptop with an Internet connection ,that’s like for use input & output library need to include “iostream”.
    Using namespace std;
    In std namespace all of the files in the C++ standard library declared . That’s why we have need to includ the “using namespace std”.
    Int main()
    This is main function where all of instruction Is write by programmer, actually its called the body of the program.
    Int a;
    Int is a variable type , there are different type of variable char, int, float, bool, double.
    It is use decorate data category wise. All data are not do same job , as like as 1,2,3,….. Are use to count data, a,b,c,… are use to data initialize .
    Cin >> is use to get input from standard input device, iostream is the header file library function.
    Cout<< is use to provide output by standard output device, iostream is the header file library function.
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